Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung is cited as developing this train of thought.

He was also quoted as asking, “Have you ever been thinking of someone, and they called you
the next minute?” Yes. I have experienced that. Quite often actually.

I think it’s around us all the time we just have to notice it and noticing is the key to having it
happen more frequently. So, my very first one to share is I was paired up with an accountability
partner from a personal growth program I am in, LMA Life Mastery Achievers. The similarities in
our lives are unbelievable. First, she is an artist and has background in special needs and
utilizes several holistic practices that I have utilized in the past.

I was able to share with her a magical moment that happened this week.

What did these two objects have in common you might ask?

I was describing to my new friend that I had been searching for the music for play I had written
that was never produced and the music had been downloaded and paid for already. As a
sidenote the person downloading the music informed me I was spending way too much on the
music. I guess he had never reviewed hundreds of songs to find just the one that fit the mood of
the scene. I digress…

Then I looked at an old phone that had not been used for a long, long time, in fact my youngest
granddaughter had the phone and was pretending to make calls with it. After she left it at our
house one day, I reclaimed it. So, I decided to see what was on this phone.

To my amazement my music files on this old phone were still there; every single one. It sent
chills all over me and tears to my eyes. I don’t know if you’ve ever produced anything or had a
project near and dear to your heart but it’s kind of like your baby. I was thrilled to have my music

Later in the day after some computer issues I decided to back up files before I had lost the work
I had done. In searching for a blank flash drive I found that same music on a flash drive as well.
So, I started the day with no music files and by the end of the day I had it with two locations. It
was wonderful.

Synchronicities… all around us. I’d love to hear from you about any occurrences in your life.


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